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When I was a kid, I started growing vegetables for my Dad's garden center using the same type of pellets used to grow your Growums today. It was magical to watch this small, dry object soak up water and create a place for me to put my vegetable seeds – and a few days later, I had plants! (It was cool!) Most kids today don’t get to experience this, and it’s our goal to give them that chance.

In addition, the Growums program:


  • Gives children a life-changing experience, teaching them that they can grow their own food and help the environment, as well as emphasize the importance of healthy eating

  • Gives them gardening knowledge and shows them the skills it takes to become a successful gardener – no matter what their age

  • Gives kids a chance to have fun quality time with their parents, siblings and grandparents – both out in the garden, as well as online

  • Gives back to your organization, charity or fundraising event


    We feel that by providing children with a remarkable experience to grow their own garden – along with the help of fun characters who coach them in a virtual world they can enjoy online – the kids will be attentive and successful in their real-life gardening adventures. My kids have done it, and so have the kids in my neighborhood. I can tell you from experience: The joy on their faces and the fun they had digging in the dirt – then eating what they grew – was immeasurable!

    Come grow with us – and add a little character to your garden!

    Michael A. Ferraro

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    Michael Ferraro


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